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HEY! Where's Tom?
December 1999: Steve Trujillo, Sean Griego, Scott Waters, Robert Gutierrez

2000 - Self Released, U.S (Cat. #. GUT CD0040)
2001 - Gutter Records, Germany (Cat. #. ULT 103)
2007 - Retroactive Records, U.S. (RAR7845) Remastered w/ 3 bonus tracks

"The Mechanics of Perilous Times" is the project we are currently recording at Thunderbird Studios.

8/25/2000 Hello! Well, after a LOOOONNNG wait, we finally have some good news about the new cd. As some of you may know, we have parted ways with Rowe Productions and Diamante. Of course, this cause a bit of a delay in the album release. Contrary to the gossip, however, we were not dumped nor did we have a falling out with Rowe. What actually happened is quite good.

Ultimatum signed with Gutter/Metal Merchant, a metal record company from Germany, to put out the new album-"The Mechanics of Perilous Times." Gutter and Metal Merchant are a division of Massacre Records. When it became apparent that we might be able to sign with this secular label, Rowe and Ultimatum decided it best to part ways so that we could deal with Gutter directly. This was very gracious of Steve Rowe, especially since he could have held us to two more discs and had every right to refuse us the right to sign with Gutter. He also put up a lot of money for us to record this album. So we are thankful to Steve for putting the music before the money.

Gutter will be promoting us as a thrash band in a non-Christian market. While our message will stay the same, the marketing approach will be different through Gutter. With Gutter our cd will be available through all the music store throughout Germany as well as through Massacre and Metal Merchant, both very well known in Germany and in metal circles.

The German release does not have a release date yet, but you can be sure we will let you know once we get the info. In the meantime, we will be releasing a limited edition of copies on our own that will be available directly through us as well as Cross Rhythms, Rugged Cross, CDCH, and a few others. The release date for this limited edition release is AUGUST 29th. All those who pre-ordered will get their discs in the mail as soon as we get the shipment of cds this coming week. Thank you for your patience.

We are also pretty sure we will be signing a distribution agreement with a U.S. company soon as well. The contract is in hand, but we are still discussing some things. More news on that when it happens.

6/4/2000 So I am sure you all are wondering what has been going on since our last posting. Well we have been working hard on finding a new distribution company for "Perilous Times." It looks real good that the album will be picked up by a secular metal distributor in Germany. A new U.S. deal is still up in the air, but Steve Rowe/Rowe Productions are talking with a company about the possibilites. Either way, the cd will be out this fall and available through Rowe Productions. Those who pre-ordered will still be the first to get their copies. (for more information on the pre-order, see below)

Also, a new MP3 of "Temple of the Spirit" has been posted. Check it out!

2/5/2000 New MP3 file posted. This is a rough mix of "Shroud of Science" off "The Mechanics of Perilous Times" Your opinions and comments are much appreciated. New studio photos will be posted this coming week as well as the lyrics to most of the songs.

1/26/2000 The disc is coming along great. We are now at the mixing stage. A rough mix is being sent out to Steve Rowe in Australia this week. Some minor setbacks in the release date. The cd was originally scheduled to come out on May 3rd in the US, but Diamante has pushed the release back to August. The disc will now be available as an import months before it will be available here in the U.S. Some of the lyrics will be posted soon.

10/99 We have spent the entire last week of October in the studio tracking drums and rhythm guitars for our next CD release. It sounds incredible so far-the production will be far superior to that of "Puppet of Destruction." We have recorded "Burn" by Vengeance Rising. Our version is going to blow your mind, as the speed metal parts are even faster than that heard on the Vengeance album. Sean pulled off the double bassing and speed galloping perfectly. Another surprise on this cd, is that Robert and Tom have written a heavy, yet melodic, instrumental. That's right kiddies, no shrieks from my pipes on this cut. The song is called "MutaMitlu" and features extended guitar solos, a bass solo and some incredilble drumming. There should be a total of 9 songs in all. Two of the songs, "The Purging" and "Greed Regime, Inc." are over seven minute long. Not to worry, however, even these songs are speed metal symphonies. No poseur music here!

Steve tracked his rhythms first. His guitar tone sounds incredibly crunchy. He is using his white Charvel guitar, a Peavy Ultra 120 head with a Marshall 4x12 cabinet, a Peavy 4x12 cabinet and a variety of mikes. Needless to say, the guitars will be thick and layered. Robert is using his Charvel soloist, an Ultra Plus head, a Marshall 4x12 cabinet, a Peavy 5150 4x12 cabinet, and a variety of mics. We will keep you informed as more transpires.

Ultimatum & Rowe Productions are talking with a major secular company about releasing the CD in the US. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but we will keep you informed. Either way the disc will still be available in the Christian stores through Diamante. Nuclear Blast will most likely be distributing the disc in Europe.

Sean behind his kit.. Robert with his favorite Charvel
Sean and Robert in the studio. December 1999. Click for more photos.

12/14/99 Robert has finished tracking his rhythm guitars and is beginning to record his solos. Tom is also nearly finished all the bass parts. Scott has finished vocals on all but two songs. Expect some surprises on this one from Scott. he pulled off some incredible deathly growls and grunts as well as the high-pitched siren shrieks that you are use to. Also, it seems that another well known German label is interested in releasing the new disc. We will keep you informed of the progress. Check back for more....

Some song titles may include:
Crash Course
The Purging
Temple of the Spirit
Greed Regime, Inc.
Warlord's Sword
Perilous Times
Shroud of Science
Violence & Bloodshed

We will be continually be updating this site with new information. Hopefully we will be putting an advance demo version of one of the songs on this page as well, so visit this site again.

Last update 8/25/2000

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