"Puppet" was originally to be released shortly after the re-release of "Symphonic Extremities" by Morphine Records. Due to some problems within Morphine, we asked to be released from our contractual obligations. Without another record company to rely on, we began recording "Puppet" on our own with the idea that we would release the disc independently. After recording a one song demo, we were contacted by Steve Rowe (MORTIFICATION) who was looking to sign a "classic" metal band to his growing label, Rowe Productions.
     After a few months we headed back into the studio to record the entire CD for Rowe Productions. The CD was released in the US March 1998 by Diamante Music Group and only a few weeks earlier in Australia by Rowe.
     Tom Michaels rejoined us for the recording after leaving a year earlier to join SEVENTH SIGN. Our bassist for the 1997 summer live performances was Alex Cantwell, who appears on the CD as the low, guttural voice in the gang shouts and whose picture appears in some of the live shots on the inner sleeve as well as our promotional photo for that year. (see photo below.) Alex also recorded a song with Ultimatum for the Testament Tribute cd we appeared on.

Ultimatum 1997

Ultimatum '97 tour line-up. (from left to right: Alex Cantwell,
Steve Trujillo, Cousin It, Robert Gutierrez, Sean Griego)

Men In Black
X-Ray Ultimatum
Nice Legs!

produced by: Ultimatum
engineered by: Donn Halliburton
recorded at: On-Fire Productions, Albuquerque, NM, USA
mastered at: Edensound Mastering Suite, Melbourne, Australia
all music: Ultimatum, except Scorn & Power, Ultimatum & Tom Michaels
all lyrics: Scott Waters, except Puppet of Destruction,
Robert Gutierrez & Scott Waters
cover design & layout: Scott Waters
x-ray tech: Sean Griego
keyboards: Donn Halliburton
Alex Cantwell: shouted on some of the gang vocals

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