"Symphonic Extremities" was originally released as an independant tape by the band in 1995. Only 550 original copies of the tape were printed before the album was lisenced to Juke Box Media, a small independent label to be re-released on CD.. Added to the CD was the bonus cut, remix of "World of Sin" off of Rowe Productions' "Massive Frequency Overload" Compilation. The remix was done by extraordinary guitarist Rex Carroll (of WHITECROSS/KING JAMES fame.)
On other intesting note is that CD was remastered to enhance the sonics. Also, the artwork was updated and current Ultimatum drummer Sean Griego’s photo was added, although the drums were actually played by Mike Lynch. Siince the band was never really happy with the recording of "World of Sin" they decided to re-vamp it and re-record it for their next CD, "Puppet of Destruction."

Produced by: Ultimatum
Engineered by: Rick Davis
Recorded at: R.O.C. Studios except
World of Sin: Broadway Production Studios
World of Sin re-mixed by: Rex Carroll
Design and layout: Scott Waters

Ultimatum is:
Robert Gutierrez: Guitars
Sean Griego: Drums
Steve Trujillo (Capt. Crunch): Guitars
Scott Waters: Vocals, Grunts, and Growls

Additional musicians:
Tom Michaels: All Bass Guitar except tracks 1,2,4,6,9
Joey Anaya: Bass Guitar on tracks 1,2,4,6,9
Mike Lynch: All drum tracks
W.O.S. gang vocals: Alex Cantwell, Dale Waseta, Mike Lynch, Steve Trujillo, Scott Waters, and Paul Scozzafava.
All lyrics written by: Scott Waters
Music by: Ultimatum
All songs © 1995 Ultimatum Ministries except Fatal Delay ©1993 Ultimatum Ministries.
World of Sin ©1996 Ultimusic. This compliation ©1997.
Tracks 1,2,4,6,9 Recorded October 1994
Tracks 3,5,7,8,10 Recorded April-May 1995
"World of Sin" Recorded Sept. 1996/Re-mixed Feb. 1997