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NEW CDs updated 4/7/2006
USED CDs added:
Tapes updated 3/9/2006

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Ultiamtum! Power Thrash!
-Symphonic Extremities (METAL!/now out of print and hard to find. LIMITED QUANTITIES left.) $15 each

"Puppet of Destruction" $10 each



ASCENSION THEORY - "ANSWERS"- A FANTASTIC FOLLOW UP TO THEY'RE SUCCESSFUL DEBUT IN 2004! ANSWERS brings us a Heavier, better performed and better produced album even than they're debut REGENERATION which was very good indeed! KILLER, SYMPHONIC, PROGRESSIVE METAL, for fans of DREAM THEATER, QUEENSRYCHE and even SAVATAGE at times. $14.00

AVIAN - "From the Depths of Time" (Featuring LANCE KING Vox & DAVID ELLEFSON bass) A MAJESTIC, BLENDING OF US / EURO POWER METAL, PROGRESSIVE/SYMPHONIC WITH A HEAVY DOSEOF MELODIC VOCALS. This is a long awaited side project of Lance King (BALANCE OF POWER, PYRAMAZE) and bassist Dave Ellefson (MEGADETH, F5) $14.00

DIVINEFIRE - HERO (Import) With the Debut of this band called GLORY THY NAME being so incredible, we anticipated this album for a long time.... Once again DIVINEFIRE deliver first class Symphonic Power / Speed/ Metal in the same vein as their debut album. Very Melodic with huge and very, very memorable choruses. $16.00

FINAL AXE - Beyond Hells Gate - Limited Edition Reissue A CLASSIC BACK FROM 1989 TO RIP YOUR SPEAKERS UP AGAIN! **FIRST TIME AVAILABLE ON CD! ONLY 1000 CD's of this limited reissue were pressed and then it will again fall into the void of lost music. Get it now or regret it later! Absolutely must-have rerelease! Great 80s midtempo-Heavy Metal with a very fine vocalist. An 80s masterpiece! - Features Great new art work ! $14.00

POWER OF OMENS -- Rooms of Anguish JUST RELEASED An Excellent NEW album from an EXCELLENT new band, PROG & POWER METAL LOVERS UNITE, this album delivers, with a blending of old and new FATES WARNING styles, splash in a bit of DREAM THEATER and Old QueensRyche for good measure and you've got a EPIC new classic that is sure to please lovers of these genres. $13.00


PYRAMAZE - Melancholy Beast- Nightmare Records Featuring Lance King. Pyramaze will appeal to all fans of Iced Earth; Kamelot, Angra, Symphony X and early Crimson Glory. $15.00

ROB ROCK - HOLY HELL (Ltd ed. Back in stock) Holy Hell is dynamite!!! Every song is a killer!!!. Classic metal tunes Rob Rock (IMPELLITTERI) style with a new modern mix sound from Jacob Hanson (PYRAMAZE/MANTICORA/ BEYOND TWILIGHT) in Denmark!!! Includes a duet with Edguy singer Tobias Sammet and features drumming legend Bobby Jarzombek (Halford, Iced Earth, Riot)!!! AFM edition contains an exclusive bonus track for Europe only ("I'll Be Waiting For You"), a video and multimedia x-tras... WITH A BONUS TRACK, This German version is the one to get... Rob is at his absolute best and all I can say is Chris who? The guitars on this album are KILLER! LONG LIVE ROB ROCK! ESSENCIAL FOR ALL MELODIC POWER METAL FANS. $16.00

SACRAMENT - Testimoney of Apocalypse/Presumed Dead EP (* 2 ON 1- LTD Reissue ) Sacraments debut release intends to brutalize from start to finish - mission accomplished! Originally released in 1990 on R.E.X. Records, Testimony of Apocalypse became an instant favorite with thrash fans. Songs like *Slave To Sin* were perfect examples of beefy thrash guitars and classic thrash vocals used to create an abrasive wall of sonic power. Unfortunately, this would be singer Mike Torones only full release with the band. Even though his voice was perfect for the crunchy thrash sound of Sacrament, his work with the band was damaging his vocal chords. As an added treat, Retroactive Records obtained permission to include the 7 tracks from the ultra rare Presumed Dead EP as an added bonus. In 1989 the band took it upon themselves to release the EP, and until now it has never been available on CD or in stores. $15.00 SHINING STAR - "ENTER ETERNITY" (*NEW RELEASE* ) 1ST REVIEW POSTED Brazilian/American band with a high quality New CD release on which we can also enjoy the wonderful lead vocals of LANCE KING (ex-BALANCE OF POWER, AVIAN, PYRAMAZE, GEMINI). Actually Lance is making this CD sound like a true winner, although I need to add that also instrumental it all sounds perfect. $14.00

WARMACHINE - "The Beginning of the End" A DEBUT MASTERPIECE WITH A GREAT NEW AGGRESSIVE MELODIC POWER/THRASH METAL SOUND!! AMAZING REVIEWS WORLDWIDE! Fantastic Melodic Power/Thrash Metal debut, this Killer Canadian Metal band has out done themselves, this is destined to be at the top of everyones ( What is New thats HOT list) Canada’s Warmachine makes aggressive, melodic metal in the vein of Eighties arena rockers. That may have something to do with the influence of Main Producer Murray Daigle, who fronts the impressive Dokken-eseque Canadian band Emerald Rain and Co-Producer David Ellefson. $14.00

Bride- Fist full of Bees $12.00

CRIMSON MOONLIGHT - "The covenant Progess" Rivel Records -"The long awaited full length cd "The Covenant Progress" by Crimson Moonlight is one of the hardest, heaviest and most aggressive brutal album ever. Filled with great riffs, hooks and beautiful melodies with strong Scandinavian roots, fans of melodic black metal like Dimmu Borgir, Emperor, Antestor, Slechtvalk, etc will totally fall in love with this album. Ultrafast drums, vocals more aggressive than ever, beautiful keyboards orchestration, guitars and bass playing killer riffs and lines. Be prepared Crimson Moonlight is here with The Covenant Progress!" Rivel Records $15.00

SAINT - "Warriors of the Son" -Re-recorded 2004. Not remixed but rerecorded and just as brutal as the original recording. with 2 extra bonus tracks. A must for any metal head or Saint fan. $15.00


Amos -"A Matter of Time" (gothic progressive metal from Brazil) $15

Audio Vision -"The Calling" (2005 Rivel Records-) Swedish import Prog/Melodic Metal. Featuring Christin Rivel who sang for both Narnia and Wisom Call. $16

Cripple Need Cane - "The Big Dance" (New project from Ex Tourniquet Guitarist Gary Lenaire. Fantastic Hard Rock/Metal with a touch of modern flair.) $16

Disciple - s/t (SRE Records 2005/Groove Hard Rock) $13

Divine Fire -"Glory Thy Name" (2005 Rivel Records/Swedish import Featuring Christian Rivel of Narnia, Wisdom Call and Audio Vision. Prog Metal much like Narnia and Seventh Ave. Excellent!) $16

Encryptor - "Cryptic Works 1999-2005 (2005 Bombworks Records/Christian Death Metal from Latin America 16 songs of brutality! This Cd is 5 years in the making the production is a little thin but on a limited budget. This band has been well recieved in Latin America and through the undergound circles) $16

Evroklidon- "The Flame of Sodom" atmospheric black metal from Ukraine $12

Heart Cry -"Lightmare" (2005 Rivel Records/Swedish Prog metal with a touch of Iron Maiden influenced Guitars) $15

Holy Blood- The Wanderer (Christian black metal) $13

Holy Blood- Waves Are Dancing (Christian black metal) $13

Horde - Hellig Usuart (Christian black metal/reissue with a bonus track) $15

Pale Horse- "Until the Last Seal is Opened..." (2005 Bombworks Records. Officially released on CD for the first time, this compilation includes every song that Pale Horse ever recorded! Limited edition.) $15

Requital- "Retribution for Sin " (2005 Bombworks Records. Brand new Death Metal release. A full length CD that also includs covers of Mortification and Holy Blood.) $15

Seventh Angel- "Heed the Warning" 2005 Bombworks Records. Officially released on CD, includes the entire 4-song "Heed the Warning" demo and eight bonus live tracks. Incredible release! Limited edition. $15

Venia -"In Our Weakness" thrashy power metal from Finland $12



All Too Human - Entropy (Featuring Derek Sherinian on Keyboards....My friends let me introduce you to the next big thing on the Progressive Power metal scene.....These guys are gonna kick your butt!! I guarantee this one will be selling for a long time. FANTASTIC, PROG- METAL, INCREDIBLE VOCALS, EPIC TRACKS.) $13.00

All Too Human - Self Titled (Comparisons to this bands obvious influences just don't do ALL TOO HUMAN justice, because the comparisons all have been used so many times on too many albums. Just listen and enjoy! OK I'll say it, (Dream Theater / Queensryche style) $13.00

Amos-Gothic Soul (Power metal with haunting Jimmy Brown vocals/for fans Biogenesis, Deliverance and Veni Domine/Brazil Import) $13

Anaemia-Second Incarnation (excellent technical thrash metal!) $16


Angelica-Angelica/Rock, Stock & Barrel (2 albums on 1 disc) $12

Angelica-Time is All It Takes (original 1992 release on INTENSE Records) $15.00

Antithesis Antithesis-dying for life (AWESOME Progressive HEAVY metal/speed metal) $15

Anthithesis-self titled (great progressive metal/heavy yet melodic!/similar is style to Annihilator) $12

AP2-Suspension of Disbelief (Argyle Park returns with a new metallic industrial offering) $15

Apologetix -"Radical History Tour" (Christian Parodies of Secula songs. Songs like Isaac Man parody of Van Halen's "Icecream Man". Read Ephesians Parody of Aerosmith's "Sweet Emotions", Catch that Fever Parody of Ted Nugent's "Cat Scratch Fever") $16

Apologetix -"Rolling Clone" (Parodies of Nirvanna ,Pearl Jam and Collective Soul.) $16

Apologetix-"Jesus Christ Morning Star" ( Parodies of Classic Rock songs like The Eagles "Hotel California" Hotel Can't Afford Ya, The Who's "Pin Ball Wizzard"- Temple Physician", Aerosmith "Walk this Way" Walk His Way, Survivor-Eye of the Tiger"- "I have to Die First") $16

"Biblical Grafiti" (Parodies of Modern Rock Calssics like Kick inthe Wall of Pink Floyd's "Anothe Brick in the wall"," Enter Samson" of Metalicas' "Enter Sandman","Smart Bleesd Man" of ZZ Top's "Sharp Dressed Man") $16

Apologetix- "Spoofernatural" (Parodies like Crowd of Foreign Girls" of David Lee Roth's "California Girtls", Sin Can Be Resistable" Of Robert Palmer's :"Simply Irresistable", Fishin on Pier" Of Bon Jovi's "Livin on A prayer" "Once Livin Twice Died" of Great White's "Once Bitten Twice Shy") $16

Apologetix-"Keep the Change" (Parodies like Christmansnitie" Of Three doors DOwn's "Kryptonitie", "Life Restored" Of Papa Roach's "Last Resort", "Babylona" of the Knacks "My Shorona"," Bethlehemanian Rhapsody" Of Queens " Bohemian Rhapsody") $16

Applehead-Meaning (solo disc by the Crucified's Greg Minier) $12

ARCANJO -Torment Alive $17.00 Brutal Death /Thrash Metal From Brazil Recorded Live They also play LivingSarcrfice's "Reject". For fans of early Mortification, Slayer and Crimson Thorn.

ARK - Burn the Sun (This is an absolutely FABULOUS, OUTSTANDING, and an EXCELLENT CD. The Web Jedi can listen to the brillance and terrific vocals of JORN LANDE for hours. Christian friendly lyrics. Unique songs that redefine the Melodic Metal Music Envelope by TORE OSTBY, JOHN MACALLUSO & LANDE...and an added touch of imagination by Miss Informed (Melanie Newton). This Cd will go fast, order yours now!) $15.00

Ashen Mortality-Your Caress (second release of progressive doom metal release/indie) $14

Atomic Opera-Alpha & Oranges (HEAVY and crunchy groove metal) $14

Awake-self titled (Godfather Records/crunchy groove metal) $14

Awakening-"Darker than Silence" New release. Intense Gothic style a must hear to experinece this complex 15 song Cd. $16.00


Eddie Baird-My Mission (hard rock/indie) $6

Balance of Power-Book of Secrets (top notch progressive/melodic metal!) $12

Balance of Power-Ten More Tales of Grand Illusion (another top notch progressive/melodic metal cd!) $12

Balance of Power-Perfect Balance (phenomenal progessive and melodic metal/the bands fourth disc) $13

Bare Bones-Bare Bones (ex-Barren Cross vocalist Mike Lee’s
new band/metal/indie) $12

Barren Cross - LOUDER THAN HELL! (Live 14 tracks with 2 never before released tracks.) $15.00

Barnabas-Artifacts and Relics (This is an album with unreleased songs and remixes, plus 3 recordings of their 1982 rehearsals. A good limited collectors cd-only 1000 made) $15

Belica -Looking for the Light (Brazillian Power Metal w/ a European flare/fans of Helloween, Seventh Avenue, Gamma Ray) $15

BETRAYAL-The Passing (back in stock for a limited time, the original 1993 release on Word Records. Classic Christin thrash metal) $15.00

BLISSED -"Waking up the Dead" New Heavy Metal CD From Strypers Robert Sweet. for fans of Early Bride, Blacklabel Society and Oil. $14.00

Bloodgood-To Germany with Love (re-issued classic metal that was formerly only available in Germany/limited edition we have the last copies available!) $10

BREATH OF LIFE - Goodbye (Proud World) (MCD/EP This is Christian black metal, dispite the fresh sounding gutteral vocals prevail with the slow dirge of low tuned instruments in the back. 3 songs) $7.00

Bride-Jesus Experience (heavy modern hard rock) $13

Bride-Matrix Years (Double cd containes 40 songs on 2 cd's/disc one has 20 songs form the Matrix Years release, disc two has all 20 of the Lost Reels.) $16

Bride-Cornerstone Live 2001 (captured live) $15

Bride-Silence is Madness (re-issued classic metal/one of Bride's best!) $14

Bride-Vol 2. Live (Live acoustic!) $15

Bride-End of the Age (the last true metal disc from Bride/features songs from Show No Mercy, Live to Die, Silence is Madness, Kinetic Faith and one unreleased cut "Troubled Times"/in long box) $15

Bride-Drop (Dale & Troy Thompson’s attempt at heavy alternative) $10

Bride-The Organic years (Double cd of "Oddities" and "The Jesus Experience" M8 release) $17

BRIDE -"This is It" CD an Excellent array of Heavy Modern Metalness with Groove to spare and Tons of catchy hooks some of which are reminisent of Metalica a la Load and Reload. $15.00


Callous - In Memory of (Brutal hardcore for fans of Spoken.) $12.00

Charizma-Rock The World (melodic metal/import) $13

Clearview - s/t Groove Metal for fans of Modus Operendi, Godfear and Sevendust.) $12.00

Clemency - "Divine Legions of War-2003 release on Extreme Records. For fans of Old School Death Metal. $15.00

CONSECRATOR -"Image of Deception" Old school thrash metal like Believer. Orignally recorded in the early 1990's and finally released in 2004. $15.00

Cronic-Living To Die (metal/six song CD) $5

Cybergrind-Transcend (former Mortification guitarist Mick Carlisle's new band/heavy thrash-old school death metal/Rowe Productions!) $15

Cynical Limit- "S/T" 2004 Flying Leap Records. (Ok people this is Dennis Camerons ( for merly Angelica) is back with his New Band Cynical Limit. You will be blown away from this new project. All origian music and done in a modern flair but with great guitar soloing . Yes Guitar solos! Dennis still has the chops and combined with ther new sound adds that speclal element needed to create this great cd! A must if you love 90's style metal with all the action of 80's solos!! I give it a thumbs up! A mere) $9.99


Daniel Band-Cornerstone Live 2001 (captured live) $15

The Daniel Band-On Rock (Early Classic Hard Rock./Metal with bonus tracks/double cd set) $15

DANIEL BAND - STRAIGHT AHEAD / RUN FROM THE DARKNESS (2 albums on 1 CD/As one of the pioneers of the modern Christian music genre, The Daniel Band's appeal to a varied listening audience has not diminished with time On this unit, which combines both their second and third releases; searing vocals and screaming guitar arrangements impact our sonic environment with unattenuated conviction. Straight Ahead, while adhering to well earned rock formulas, takes bold, expansive moves. From the haunting, and, yes, "lovely" melody of In My Mind to the visceral attack of Lustful Illusions and the "in-your-face" Reality) $15.00

Dark Endless-" New for 2004 5 song EP Extreme Black Metal for fans of Horde. $10.00

DEFYANCE - Transitional Forms (This CD is incredible! For fans of Sanvoisen, The Quiet Room, Fate Warnings, Angra and Superior-like styles this CD is what you need. this release has everything I've been missing lately and it hasn't left my player since I got it last night....great stuff. The Music is Heavy, Progressive, and Melodic...the vocals are upfront, clean, powerful, emotional and stacked with great harmonies. Lance king has a great dynamic range. A little, but tasteful keys and every note played on the guitars is well thought out, not a bit of overindulgent wanking here, (which is a good thing) Production is tight, I highly recommend this one. DESCRIPTION TAKEN FROM PERPECTUAL MOTION BOARDS written by Derrell) $15.00

DEFYANCE -- Amaranthine A wonderfully melodic progressive metal journey. This band stands on its own in the genre, great dual guitars that play well off one another, Excellent vocals. $14.00

DEFYANCE -- Time Lost LIMITED PRESSING of 1000 CD's Received rave reveiws for fantastic progressive power metal. Released June 2000 NEARLY SOLD OUT OF IT'S PRESSING, GET IT SOON OR FORGET IT! $14.00

Deliver -The Second Death (Brazilian Import/old school thrash metal with a hint of death metal on Destroyer Records/CD) $15

Deliverance-Back in the Day: The First Four Years (for collectors and dedicated fans, this is a documentary with rough demo versions of early songs, much of which had never been released.) $15

Deliverance-Cornerstone Live 2001 (captured live) $15

DESTRA -Sea Of Doubt-Brazilian Progressive metal . For fans of Dreamtheatre, Rush, Balance of Power and Stauros. $16.00

Deuteronomium-Street Corner Queen (Norwegian black metal/import) $14

Deuteronomium-To Die and Gain (3 song EP/death & roll!) $6

Deuteronomium-Here to Stay (death & roll from Norway) $15

Die Happy-Die Happy/Vol. 2 (2 albums on 1 cd/KMG reissue) $12

Disciple-This Might Sting A Little (great groove metal!) $13

Disciple-By God (Heavy, chunky, groove metal core-has 19 songs plus an extra cd) $17

Disciple-My Daddy Can Whip Your Daddy (five song EP reissue!) $10

Disciple -Back Again (heavy as a freight train carrying a load of steel at 200mph! New metal with an old metal attitude. ) $15


Echo Hollow- Diet of Worms (ex-Tourniquet vocalist and guitarist's new band) $10

EDEN - Fan the Flame (Melodic Metal Featuring Guitar Virtuoso REX CARROLL of the band WHITECROSS) $14.00

Eight Ball Cholos-Satan’s Whore (thrash-core w/Burrito &
Dio’s Tracy G/Morphine Records comes with free sticker) $10

Eleven Hours Down-There's Hope in the Darkness (hardcore like Training for Utopia/Helmet) $12

Eloi "Mold" (Groove core for fans of Godfear/Eternal Decision) $13.00

Erase-Mental Overload (death/hardcore mix) $13

Eterna-The Gate (AWESOME progressive metal from Brazil) $15

Eterna-Papyrus (AWESOME progressive metal from Brazil) $15

Eternal Decision-Ghost in the Machine (2nd release of agressive thrash/groove metal) $13

Eternal Decision-self titled (re-released with new cover art/for fans of Metallica and Pantera) $13

Every Day Life-American Standard (rapcore with an Attitude!) $12

EXTOL-Undeceived Extol-Undecieved (new full length album from Norway's masters of brutal metal) $14

Extol-Mesmerized (new 6 song digi-pack) $5

Extol-Burial (EXCELLENT!/death metal with touches of classic metal and black metal vocals/nothing else compares!) $13

EXTOL - Synergy (Third full length CD from technical death metal masters. This disc is SUPER technical and has a slightly more thrash disc.) $14.00


Faith Nation-Ordinary People (ex-The Brave vocalist James Salters' new band/melodic metal) $16

*NEW FEARFUL SYMMETRY - SAD VEIL OF TEARS (originally intended to be released as a Deliverance CD, the name was changed as the music is so far different from Deliverance. Goth/Industrial/metal project from Jimmy Brown of Deliverance Fearful Symmetry delves deeper into the gothic and industrial direction Deliverance has hinted at for years; thus the new name. Will appeal to fans of later period Deliverance (especially Assimilation Jimmy Brown has embodied the legendary metal band Deliverance since the mid 1980's This album has other Members of Deliverance playing on it as well. This is an Essential release for fans of Savior Machine, Deliverance, Bowie, Nine Inch Nails, Rammstein) $15.00

Forthwright-My Soul Secure (hardcore-metalcore/fans of Erase
should dig this!/now out-of-print/Morphine Records) $12

Fountain of Tears-self titled (ex members of Sardonyx, Believer, and Sacrament indie release) $13

Fourth Watch-s/t (good old American heavy metal) $16

Frank’s Enemy-Neoblasphemies (grindcore/now out of print) $10

Frost Like Ashes - Pure As The Blood Covered Snow (an awesome mix of black and death metal from former Possession members! Limited Edition five song EP.) $7

Frostharder- "Makteslos"- Import-5 song EP- Extreme Unblack-Doom Metal from Scandanavia. Recommemded if you like Crimson Moolight, Ashen Mortality or Deuteronomium. $12.00


Galactic Cowboys-The Horse the Bud Bought (Metal Blade Records/heavy! groove! metal!) $ 12

Gears of Redemption-The War of Blood & Rust (heavy! similar to Sevendust)

GLOBAL WARNING - Digital Blackness (Big downtuned Metal Grooves, with a strong melodic growl type voice similar to that of James Hetfield) $13.00

*NEW Goliath-The Gate (Formerly Midnight Orchestra Doomy Metal for fans of Black Sabbath, Danzig,and Rose/feature former Tempest guitarist Mick Rowe) $14

Gnashing of Teeth-s/t (New metalcore band from Rowe Productionsl) $15

Gretchen-Mouth full of nails (Rugged Records/Female fronted Hard Rock with metal influences/includes a cover of Billy Idol's "White Wedding" Recommended) $15

Grim-Sceptre of Blood (black metal in the tradition of Horde) $12

Guardian -"Miracle Mile" (Released in 1993 on Pakaderm Records. You know guradian style so heres the special price) $10.00

Guardian-The Yellow & Black Attack is Back! (Guardian plays tribute to Stryper by perfomingthe entire Y&BA album) $ 15

Guardian-Sunday Best (new indie "best of" release/limited edition of 1000) $16

Guardian-Delicious Bite Size Meat Pies (classic live tracks/limited edition) $16

Guardian Voyager & Fusion-The Early Years (19 total songs of early unreleased demos and EPs/Songs from thier first "Fusion" release 1984 6 song EP "Rock in Victory" and 1987 Release "Voyager") $15

Guardian-Cornerstone Live 2001 (captured live) $15


Hallowed -End of the Age EP (Import from Finland-Progressive Power Metal for fans of Seventh Ave and Narnia) $10.00

Harmony- "Dreaming Awake" Fantastic German Melodic Power Metal for fans of Narnia, Impelliteri, 7th Ave and Balance of Power will Love this CD! $15.00

Haven - Age of Darkness (REAL POWER METAL ATTACK, Fantastic album from the days when Power metal reigned supreme. This is a Classic, don't miss out on this one only a couple in stock. German Import) $17.00

Haven-Your Dying Day (special double disc re-issue with a bonus disc of rare demo material) $17.00

Holy Soldier-Encore (Live recording with both vocalists and guest appearance with Pat Boone) $12


Inversion -"Nature of Depravity" Extreme Death Metal $12.00

Immortal Souls- Ice Upon the Night- Extreme Metal from Finland that is a Must for Fans of In Flames, Soilwork and Rch Enemy! $13.00


Jacob's Dream-self titled (Excellent new Metal Blade release/power metal with killer vox) $14

*CLASSIC REISSUE Joshua-Surrender (a classic album with Joshua Perahia and Jeff Fenholt. This one has been out of print for years, but we have the newly reissued version.) $15

*CLASSIC REISSUE Joshua-Chapter One (another classic album by Joshua Perahia. This one was never even released in the U.S., but we have the newly reissued version.) $15

The Joke?-Beware of the Dog (Brazil import/heavy, original alternative thrash.) $10

Junk Yard Prophet-What I Remember Most (this double disc is for those who love melodic heavy metal with an in-your-face Christian message.) $15


Kekal-Embrace the Dead (newest disc of melodic black metal)  $14

Kekal -The Painful Experience (Thrash Black Melodic and hints of Progresive Metal/From Indonesia) $14

King James-The Fall (2nd release from axe-master Rex Carroll/much heavier than the first K.J. disc) $12

King’s Machine- ...a state of mind (creative progressive metal similar to Fates Warning & Seventh Sign) $10

Klank-Numb $15

Krush - Sindrome (new school groove style metal with an old school attitude. Plenty of guitar solos and melody to keep any old school metal fan happy.) $13


Lament-Tears of a Leper (brutal progressive death metal) $12

Laudamus-Unlimited Love (melodic power metal from Swedish!) $13

Lengsel-Solace (extreme black metal from Norway for fans of Extol) $15

Living Sacrifice - Concieved in Fire (Extreme Thrash Metal Core) $14

Living Sacrifice
-self titled (phenomenal first album-thrash masterpeice/compares to early Slayer & Believer) $13

Living Sacrifice- Inhabit (original R.E.X. release/grinding death metal) $12

Living Sacrifice-Inhabit (re-released from Solid State with new art/grinding death metal) $12

Living Sacrifice-The Hammering Process (the latest from one of Christian metal's greatest!) $15

Lust Control.-The Worst of Lust Control (early punk from L.C./30 tracks in all) $15


Metanoia-Don’t Walk Dead (death metal from Australia) $12

P.K. Mitchell-All Hail the Power" (limited stock/metal praise/out or print cd) $15

Mindrage-Sown In Weakness, Raised in Power (intense hardcore/metalcore) $14

MINDSET 7 - Blur (Excellent uplifting up-tempo hard rockin' songs) $13.00

Modus Operendi-Modus Operendi (Old-skool thrash metal/
fans of Betrayal/Martyr/Deliverance) $13

Monsterus - "Zealots in the Land of Nod" Undustrial like Metal for fans of Rob Zombie NIN and White Zombie. $14.00

Mortification - Relentless (Import/13 tracks of extreme, heavy in-your-face heavy metal. Like Morty use to do it. Highly Recommended from Robert of Ultimatum.) $15.00

Mortification - Power Pain and Passion (Excellent career retrospect for Mortification.) $14.00

Mortification-Triumph of Mercy (modern metal extremes/ the latest Morty studio disc/Rowe Productions) $12

Mortification-Hammer of God (newest release from pioneers of extreme metal!) $15

Mortification-10 Years Live Not Dead (new LIVE! release from pioneers of extreme metal!) $15

Mortification-Break The Curse 1990 (classic thrash metal reissue of a long out of print disc) $15

MYSTERY BLOOM - Lifetime in the Heart ( Killer album! Excellent Melodic heavy Rock album with some progressive and groove elements, huge vocal harmonies, key's, heavy guitar riff's and nice tight instrumental tags all with an excellent production and great artwork.) $15.00


Desert Land Narnia-Desert Land (EXCELLENT Swedish Metal with shred solos/German import) $16

Narnia-Awakening (1st disc of classically influenced metal/fans of Impelliteri, Yngwie Malmsteen will love this!) $18

Narnia-Long Live the King (German import/Real metal!!!!) $18

Necromance-Tribulation Force (A hybrid of Electronic Rock/goth/and Eurosynth pop) $14

Neon Cross-self titled (Reissued with 6 demo/unreleased bonus tracks 16 songs total) $15

New Eden -Obscure Master Plan (power metal with ex-Steel Prophet guitarist/German import) $15

NIV-Flesh & Blood (insane hardcore) $12

Noize -Seeds of the Living (German Death Metal for fans of Crimson Thorn and Metanoia) $14


Oblivion - Renewel (death metal from Sweden/import) $16

Oil-Refine (new full length release/power thrash) $12

Oil - "Choice Cuts Off the Chopping Block" Limited edtion (only 1000 made and all autographed by Oil) Excellent Live recording of Pure Oil Metal Madness!! Also Featuring 3 unreleased songs and 2 bonus acoustic tracks. $12.00

One Bad Apple-Creeping Things (rap core/death metal for fans of Stuck Mojo or P.O.D.) $12

OUTLANDER "S/T" ( WOW....Excellent Technical Progressive Melodic HEAVY rock songs, this band has excellent production, killer musicians, great epic tunes. Blending the best elemental feels of all this genry has to offer
and adding ORIGINALITY!! This band is destined for greatness. VERY GOOD NEW HEAVY PROG.) $15.00


Philadelphia-Tell the Truth (80s heavy metal reissue/like old Judas Priest/Saint) $15

Philadelphia-Search & Destroy (80s heavy metal reissue/like old Judas Priest/Saint) $15

P.O.D -New 'Payable on Death - Enhanced Cd with Video Footage and the Limited Edition Playstation Bonus Cd with demo version of the "Amplitude" game developed exclusively fo rthis Cd. plus more . This Cd is Excellent Heavy Groove style metal only POD can deliver. come get it now before this Lmited version is all gone!! regular price is $19.98) Get it Now for A SPECIAL PRICE OF $14.00

P.O.D -"Snuff the Punk" Limited Edition Cd Remastered with added video footage. Get your now ! $14.00

P.O.D -"Brown" Limited Edition Cd with added video footage. Get yours now. $14.00

P.O.D.-Fundamental Elements of Southtown (rapcore on Atlantic) $15

P.O.D.-Brown (remastered, remixed, and new artwork) $15

P.O.D.-Snuff the Punk (reissue, remastered) $15

P.O.D.- Satelite (RapCore/Nu Metal/Excellent production featuring the #1 Song on MTV's TRL-"Alive") $16



Ransom - Soul Asylum (Rare Out of Print/Arena Rock/Metal/Like Lita Ford or Warlock.) $15

Rele - self titled (commercial hard rock/metal like Dokken/NOTE that it is a CDR demo) $10

Recon-Cornerstone Live 2001 (captured live/reunion concert) $15

Renascent-"Demon Quest" New 4 song EP Extreme hybrid of Black, Death and Thrash Metal. $10.00

Rivera/Bomma - Invisible Force (AWESOME progressive metal import from Greece with very bold Christian lyrics. We only have a few in stock and can't get any more. Rivera/Bomma are made up of guitarist Rod Rivera and vocalist/keyboardist John Bomma. Rod was formerly the lead guitarist for the Christian rock band PROPHECY. John joined Hades as their original lead vocalist in 1980.) $20.00

Rob Rock - Rage of Creation (Restocked/excellent heavy metal with Roy Z (Bruce Dickinson/Halford/Tribe of Gypsies) $15

Rob Rock -"Eyes of Eternity" Limited Edition digipack.Includes Bonus Track! The Voice of Melodic Metal is Back! Excellent Power Metal with a European flare. Cool hooks and great guitar work. for fans of Impelliteri and Balance of Power. $16.00


Saint -"In the Battle" New album featuring the return of Josh Kramer on vocals. A classic heavy metal platter returning to their roots. $15.00

Saint -"Collection 1984-1999". It has all 4 albums . Limited Edition for $25.00

Sacred Warrior-Cornerstone Live 2001 (captured live/reunion concert) $15

Sacred Warrior-Rebellion/Master's Command (KMG reissue/2 discs) $12

Saint-Times End (reissue with bonus live material, Cornerstone 1986) $14

Saint-Too Late for Living (Classic metal/rare) $15

Saint- Warriors of the Son (re-release plus 4 demo tracks from thier Gentiles demo) $13

Sanctifed Sister-self titled (heavy groove) $8

Sanctifica-Spirit of Purity (black metal) $15

Sanctifica-"In the Bleak Winter"/Pantokrator -"Songs of Solomon" (Split Cd -Extreme Christian Black Metal/Import) $15

Sanctifica - Negative B (NEWEST black metal assault/mixing clean vocals and brutal black metal vocals) $15

Savior Machine-Legend Vol. 1 (theatrical gothic) $13

SCREAMS OF CHAOS - GENETIC WAR (Originally released in 1997, this recent reissue contains 2 BONUS TRACKS. Christian Black Metal Industrial project, only a few high priced copies fo this futuristic, ground-breaking masterpiece made it to the U.S.A. This Australian band, led by Neil Johnson (aka as Galacticus Sarcophagus) was shrouded in mystery, as members of another well known extreme band from Australia wanted to keep their identities under wraps. Were featured on an HM Video magazine, the band has a Loyal following, even revered, in the extreme metal underground scene For fans of In Flames, Emperor, Extol, Ancient, Horde and other death / black metal bands! Often mentioned in the same breath as black metal band, Horde. Many fans are loyal to both bands**Enhanced artwork**Remastered for superior digital sound quality) $14.00

The Scream of the Guillotine-...of the Mind (excellent theatrical and progressive rock/metal from Sardonyx vocalist Tom Denlinger) $15

Selfmindead-At the Barricades We Fall (new school metalcore like Zao) $12

Seventh Avenue- RainbowLand (Import/Excellent Progressive Metal/for fans or Narnia, Helloween and New Eden) $18

Seventh Avenue- Tale of Tales (great power metal/German import) $18

Seventh Avenue- Say Goodbye (8 song ep/German import) $15

Fabio Rocha's Shining Star-Fatal Mistake (GREAT melodic neo-classical heavy metal from Brazil for fans of Narnia/Wisdom Call/Yngwie Malmsteen) $15

Shout-In Your Face/It Won't Be Long (classic metal/KMG reissue) $12

Shout-Shout Back (NEW release from Ken Tamplin's recently reformed melodic metal band) $15

Slamcat-El Gato de la Slam (groove metal /indie) $10

Slechtvalk-Falconry (Black metal import from the Netherlands) $15

Soldier-The Definitive Collection 1985-1989 (collection of demos from underground band) $14

SLAV SIMANIC - LET IT GO (this EXCELLENT guitarist returns with his second album this time has teamed up with lead vocalist PHIL NARO singing on most of this great new offering. Slav is an amazingly versital guitarist and this album offers much diversity. Songs range from melodic Hard rock to European Classical shredding ala Yngwie Malsteen. Slav song writting can be compared much to master abilities of JOE SATRIANI. CHRISTIAN HARD ROCK / METAL RELEASE! Import of Canada!) $15.00

Sons of Thunder-Load Aim Fire (Heavy Metal Praise/If you like your worship loud and heavy get this cd. Fans of Metallica and Eternal Decision) $15

Soterios-The Blinding Pain and Unspoken Words (Metalcore/Technical riffing Mature Drum work and creative bass lines.) $12

Spirit Breeze-Annuling Dark Forces (Death Metal 3 song EP/Import Brazil/Packaged in a Cardboard sleeve B&W art work) $5

Stairway-Bleeding Heart (European import/classic heavy metal) $15

Staruos-Adrift (Excellent Progressive Power Metal) $14

Stronghold-Prayers from a yearning heart (metalcore) $8

Step Cousin-Experiments in Sound (extreme technical thrash/death metal) $15

Stir-Broken Tongues (semi-grungy heavy rock/metal similar to Alice in Chains) $13

Stones Folley-Weeds (for fans of Creed and heavy modern rock/features ex-members of Moshketeers, Month of Sundays and Combat Faith)  $10

STRANGE LAND- ANOMALY (Heavy Progressive Rock with a Metal Edge and a good vocalist that has a familiar but not pinpointable voice. The music has elements of Rush, Empyria, Outlander, the album has well writen lyrics with thought provoking messages. The album has a dry mix, there isn't big effects here, just raw playing with some Great stuff on it, I personally think their first track isn't their best, I would skip into the album to hear the good stuff, but there is 12 tracks to enjoy so you won't be shorted!) $12.00

Stryper- 7 weeks Live across America 2003 . Reformed in 2003 for a 7 week tour Stryper has proved once again that they are still a band full of talent and great presence. Filled with 13 thier best songs Every Stryper Fan will have to get this CD. Limited Supply $15.00

Stryper Tribute "Isaiah 3:5" (Blood-n-Fire, Nailed, Disciple, One Bad Apple pay tribute to the Godfathers of Christian metal/15 songs in all) $12

Michael Sweet -Unstryped (post Stryper material finally available on CD w/ Tony Palacios (Guardian)) $12


Ken Tamplin-An Axe To Grind/Soul Survivor (KMG reissue) $12.00

KEN TAMPLIN -"Brave Days of Old". A collection of Kens Best. $14.00

Ken Tamplin and Friends- "Wake the Nations" 2004 Flying Leap Records. Here is the New installment of Kens New project. I will say this... It Freakin ROCKS!! 18 songs of pure Ken Tamplin Hard Rock/ Metal! Yes pure Hard bang your head Rock!! Has a Few Rock balalds but they sound great also! Guest Guitarists are: Doug Aldrich, Jeff Watson, Marty Freidman, Reb Beach plus more! This is one Fantastic Solo Fest as Well Just the way I Like it! Kens Showing off and its worth the listen. Highly Recommened! Only $10.00

Tellus-Stand By (groove metal similar to Galactic Cowboys/King's X/out of print) $16.00

Teramaze-Tears to Dust (EXCELLENT progressive metal-a mix of Dream Theatre & Tourniquet) $13.00

Thousand Foot Kruch-s/t (Sounds like limpbiskit and POD) $15

These Five Down-self titled (for fans of Godfear and Korn) $12

TORMAN MAXT -"The Foolishness of God" Euro Prog rock/Metal. Like Rush meets Yes. Very Cool! $14.00

Torn - Tree (modern groove metal) $14

TORNADO - "Triumph of the King" Excellent Euro Prog Metal. Epic sounding and very cool for fans of Narnia, Stratovarous and New Eden (import) $17.00

Travail/Luda-Kriss-split CD (9 songs of modern, heavy groove) $14

Trino-More Than A New Life (Brazilian thrash/death metal) $13

Tourniquet-Microscopic View of a Telescopic Realm ("KILLER! A return to form for Tourniquet. Technical power thrash metal with cool hooks and incredilbe drumming) $15

Tourniquet-Pathogenic Occular Dissonance/ Vanishing Lessons two great speed metal albums on one disc) $12

Tourniquet-Stop the Bleeding (2001 re-issue with new artwork, photos and 6 bonus tracks) $15

Tourniquet-Pyschosurgery (2001 re-issue with new artwork, photos and 6 bonus tracks) $15

Tourniquet-Pathogenic Ocular Dissonance (2001 re-issue with new artwork, photos and 2 bonus tracks) $15

*CLASSIC REISSUE Trytan-Celestial Messenger (Limited edition re-issue from M8 Records/classic Christian metal) $15

Trytan-Cornerstone Live 2001 (captured live/reunion concert) $15

*CLASSIC REISSUE Trytan -Sylentiger (classic metal back in print/M8 release) $15


Ultiamtum! Power Thrash!
-Symphonic Extremities (METAL!/now out of print and hard to find. LIMITED QUANTITIES left.) $15!

Ultimatum-Puppet of Destruction (REAL METAL!!!/thrash) $11

Unchained-Never End (heavy, downtuned metal with a groove/for fans of Disciple) $14

Under Command-Secret Place of Thunder (10 songs of classic heavy metal w/ excellent soul searching lyrics) $14

USM (United States of Mind)-Silver Stepchild (Melodic progressive metal from three members of Balance of Power) $15


2000 Second Coming VARIOUS-2000 The Second Coming (Features Sculpture, Oil, Ultimatum, Tyrant, Solace, Midnight Orchestra, Sons of Thunde, 3rd Day Rising, Lost Angel, Modus Operendi, Faithbomb, Devout) $12

VARIOUS-Bring Back the Rock (songs from Barnabas, Saint, Bride, X-Sinner, Lust Control, Neon Cross, Leviticus, Daniel Band and others.) $5

VARIOUS-Extreme Music Sampler Vol 1 (9 songs by underground metal bands including Oil, Eloi, Lament, Tourniquet, Discern, Anemia, Inversion, Khollapse, and more) $2

VARIOUS The Collection Vol. 1 (Killer underground Christian compilation featuring remastered versions of three classic Christian death metal demos from Royal Anquish-Shocking the Priest, Soul of the Saviour-Farewell to the Flesh and Tortured Conscience-Fear of God.) $12

VARIOUS A Brutal Christmas-The Season is Chaos (Best metal Christmas album ever! Features Kekal, Royal Anquish, Hearken, Frost Like Ashes, Faithbomb Archer and many more doing brutal versions of Christmas songs.) $14

VARIOUS Underground Rot Compilation- 2004 Rotting Records This undergroundcd features all the death/unblack metal bands available today. Such bands are Franks Enemy, Metanoia, Encryptor, Demoniciduth, Sorrowstorm, Nova lex, Ministros Del Snatuario, Saturate, Benevolence, Divine Heretic, and House of Ill Repute. rutal Death/Unblack Metal. $ 12.00


VARIOUS Jump in the Pit-A Testament Tribute (a tribute to secualar thrash band Testament, features Ultimatum doing "Sins of Omission", also feature Blackend, Fury, Prototype and more/WARNING, this is NOT a Christian cd) $12

VARIOUS-NMRC Compilation (hard rock/metal/thrash from NM/mostly secular CD with Ultimatum being the only Christian band/17 bands/only 2 copies left) $6

VARIOUS-Premium Cuts (great Partiot Records sampler/features Barren Cross, Red Sea, PK Mitchell, and Neon Cross) $12

VARIOUS-Screams of Abadon (EXCELLENT Death & black metal compilation featuring a brand new song from Crimson Thorn. Also features: Feast Eternal, Noiz, Grim, Sculptre, Salutary, Vaakevandring and loads more. 17 tracks in all.) $13

VARIOUS-Screams of Abadon 2 (Death/Black metal Compilation No2. Varous Artists Includes bands like Goredeath, Encryptor, Benevolence,Exusioa,Death Requisite, Minstros Del Santuario, Nihilist, Sympathy, Chains of Bondage,Soul of the Savior, Sorrow storm, Excorsism , Secretion, Syringe and Pergamon). $10

VARIOUS-White Metal Warriors (English metal and thrash compilation/out of print/includes 2 excellent non-album tracks by Seventh Angel, also Detritus, Lazarus & many more) $ 8

Vengeance Rising
-Released Upon The Earth/Destruction Comes
(2 albums on one disc/Killer Deal!/KMG) $12

Veni Domine-Spiritual Wasteland (3rd & latest progressive metal masterpiece/import) $13

Visionare-Mystical Dominion (melodic death metal) $15

VISIONARY - STRANGE BUT FAMILIAR SHORES (The band had turmoil within the ranks that held this release up for the last three years, finally it's being released on Nightmare for the world to hear. Melodies, Beauty, Majesty, this album brings the best of these elements to the listener. Their debut album came out in 1996 and held a 10 of 10 in Heavy Oder Was reviews section, receiving rave reviews the world over this Progressive melodic Metal band returns with a fantastic new Sonic Voyage for us to take with them!) $12.00

VISIONARY (Fantastic Melodic Progressive Metal for those who like Dream Theater, Queensryche & Metallica; This album got several reviews of 10!) $12.00



Whitcross-Unveiled (first album without Rex Carrol/modern hard music) $10

Wisdom Call-self titled (Narnia singer solo project/excellent melodic metal) $15


Zengarden / Antidemon-Barad (Split Cd - Brutal Death/Doom Metal Import from Brasil.) $15


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