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12/17/04 JUST IN BIN!
Get 'em before they are gone.

The Agony Scene - s/t $8.00

Guardian - "Swing Swang Swung" $7.00

Ignite-"Cracked Mirror ther EP"
-7 songs of 80's metal for fans of Leviticus. Rowe Productions 1995. $6.00

Metanoia - "Don't Walk Dead" $8.00

Necromanicider - Revelations of the Third Millenium $8.00

Requital - "Retribution for Sin" $8.00

Soul Factor - "Live" (Brazil Impor/Thrash-Death) $8.00

Slav Simanic- "Let it Go" $8.00

9/7/04 JUST IN BIN!
Get 'em before they are gone.

Eddie Baird - My Mission $6.00

Eddi Baird - Project Junkie- $6.00

Circle of Dust- Disengage industrial Rare Out of Print $8.00

The Crucified - Nailed out of print $8.00

Day Of Atonement-Cremation of the Guilty -Death Metal $8.00

Deliverance- Camelot in Smithereens $8.00

Dig Hay Zoose- Struggle Fish- Frunk Groove Metal out of print $8.00

Discern-Revive and Rebuke- Death Metal $6.00

Eight Ball Cholos- Satans Whore- Death Metal- Out of Print $8.00

Extol- Mesmerized- Digi-pack 6 song EP Death Metal $3.00

Global Wave System-Hypocrie P - 6 song ep- industrial $4.00

Holy Soldier-Promise Man- Out of Print $7.00

Inversion-Tarsus Burning-Death Metal $8.00

Krush- Syndrome-Groove Metal $6.00

Krush-Welcome to Paradise -Groove Metal $6.00

Living Sacrifice -Reborn $8.00

Living Sacrifice -Non Existent-$8.00

Modus Operendai- ST-Groove Metal $7.00

Mortification -Live without Fear (Rare live EP) $8.00

Salutary- Violated Holiness-Death/Doom Metal (Import) $8.00

Selfminded-At the Barricades We Fall- Extreme Hardcore fro fans of Zao $8.00

Ultimatum-Puppet of Destruction You know what they Sound like :-) $8.00

Vollig Heilig-Looking for the Light- (Also Known as Belica) Brazillian Power Metal (Import) $8.00

Waterstain- Grung/Groove/Metal something... sounds like a cross between Nivana, Danzig and Oil. $5.00

Wyrick-Mental Floss-Industrial -Out of Print $5.00

9/5/04 JUST IN BIN!

Mortification - Break the Curse 1990 -classic thrash metal reissue of a long out of print disc $10.00

Randy Rose- Sacrificium- for fans of Danzig. $6.00

Savior Machine- ST 1990 Malinium Records Epic Theatrical Rock. $8.00

Veni Domine- Spiritual Wasteland 3rd & latest progressive metal masterpiece/import $8.00

Visionaire- Mystical Dominion -melodic death metal $8.00

Email to hold your order.


Aaron Kristo- Bare your soul (80's Commercial Metal like Skid Row and Fear Not with plenty of shredding guitar solos) $8

Advocate-Reptura - Exigency (80's Heavy Metal/ CD) $5

Agape- Vol2 (Heavy Metal) $6.00

Black Ball-Hope (modern hard rock with Chris Scott from Precious Death on vocals) $4

Bride-Jesus Experience (modern metal) $6

Bride-Scarecrow Messiah (one of their best) $6

Collective Soul-Discipled Breakdown (sealed with a small cutout) $5

Cruciferae -the light Prevails-(Death Thrash Metal) $6

Cry Mercy-s/t $6

Deliverance-Back in the Day (compilation of early unreleased and demo tracks) $8

Detonation -Cry it Out (borderline thrash/speed metal) $7

Eleven Hours Down-There's Hope in the Darkness (hardcore like Training for Utopia/Helmet) $5

Every Day Life-Disgruntled (promo copy) $3

Extol - Burrial (rare promotional copy/full length CD in Plastic Sleeve) $5

Faith Nation-Ordinary People (melodic AOR from former the Brave singer) $8

Faithbomb-The American Jesus (indie heavy metal) $8

40 DT- Forty Days tempted - (Extreme hardcore for fans of Spoken and NIV.) $4.00

Galactic Cowboys-Feel the Rage EP (metal/groove) $5

Global Warning (Power Metal) $4

Guardian-Miracle Mile (mix of the commercial metal of Motley Crue and blues based metal/used) $6

Guardian-Live (recorded live/included cover of U2's 'Pride') $8

Hallowed "End of the Age" EP (progressive metal) $5

Necromanicide-Hate Regime (Thrash/Death Metal) $8

Neon Cross - self titled (M8 reissue w/ bonus tracks) $8

Innermeans (Hardcore/Tooth & Nail Records) $4

Jet Circus-Step On It (out-of-print Christian metal!/we only have one) $12

Klank- Downside (4 song EP/heavy industrial) $6

Lament -Tears of a Leper (Rowe Prod./Mexican melodic death metal) $6

Laudamus -"Unlimited Love" (import/Swedish power metal) $8

Living Sacrifice-Living Sacrifice (Solid State re-issue of first album) $7

Leaderdogs for the Blind-Lemonade (modern metal with some industial influences) $6

Lengsel-Solace (Norwegian black metal) $8

Magdallen-Big Bang (progressive, melodic metal/Ken Tamplin & Lanny Cordola) $6

Magdalen-Revolution Mind (Melodic AOR from Lanny Cordola) $6

Messiah Prophet - Colors (melodic metal) $8

Mindrage - Sown in Weakness raised in Power (Metalcore) $6

Mortification - Best of 5 Years $8.00

Mortification- Hammer of God $7

Mortification- EnVision EvAngeline $7

Mortification- Break the Curse (re-issue) $7

Mortification- Triumph of Mercy $7

Mortification -Self titled/Scrolls of the Megilloth (KMG 2 CD SET) $7

Oblivion-Renewal (death metal from Sweden/import) $8

Precious Death-If You Must $8

Project 86 - Truthless Hereos $6

POD-Snuff the Punk (rapcore) $8

Stirr - Tongues (semi-grungy heavy rock/metal similar to Alice in Chains featuring former members of Seriah) $7

Stronghold-Prayers from a yearning heart (metalcore) $6

Sympathy - Invocation (Black/Death Metal) $8

Ken Tamplin-We The People (Rugged Records) $5

These Five Down -s/t $6

Torn -Tree $4

Trytan - Celestial Messenger (m8 reissue/classic metal) $8

20/20 Blind-Never Far (melodic art-rock/metal) $4

Underoath (Extreme Hardcore) $8.00

USM- Silver Step Child (progressive metal w/ Balance of Power members) $8

Various-Massive Frequency Overload-U.S. Hard Compilation (Ultimatum, Cimson Thorn, Ultimatum, Covenant, Faithbomb, Frank's Enemy/14 songs in all) $7

Various-Stryper Expo Sampler (features different bands that Robert Sweet has performed with) $8

Various-Stryper Isaiah 53:5 Tribut to Stryper (features Disciple, Blood n Fire and more playing homage to Stryper) $8

Various-Tooth & Nail Records/BEC Sampler (15 song sampler) $4

Various-Rugged Cuts (various/Ken Tamplin, Neon Cross and more) $4

Vengeance Rising-Anthology (best of/thrash/death) $8

Whitecross-By Demand (Best of classic metal band) $6



5 for $10 (or $3 ea.)

Email to reserve your copies.

Angelic Force-1988 demo (2 songs of classic metal) $3

Believer-Extraction From Mortality $3

Believer-Sanity Obscure (technical thrash masterpiece) $3

Believer-Dimensions (epic and technical metal) $3

Bloodgood-Shaking the World Vol 2 (classic metal/live) $3

Deliverance-River Disturbance (used/melodic metal) $3

Deliverance-Camelot-in-Smithereens (melodic metal) $3

Deliverance-Stay of Execution (speed metal) $3

Die Happy-Vol II (second album by ex-Vengeance members) $3

Focal Point-Suffering the Masses (hardcore/heavy!) $3

Force 3 "Warrior of Light" (No J card) $1

Holy Soldier-Promise Man (used/3rd release) $3

Holy Soldier- Tear Down the Walls Single (Rare Pre-release single) $3

The Lead-The Past Behind (80s hardcore/punk/the band Frank's Enemy emerged from) $5

Mindrage-s/t (3 song demo/heavy groove/metalcore) $3

Mortification-self titled (thrash/death metal/original lake of fire cover) $3

Mortification-Best of Five Years (thrash/death metal) $3

Mortification-Live Planetarium (LIVE death metal) $3

Mortification-Blood World (thrash/death metal) $3

Mortification-Primitive Rhythm Machine (thrash/death metal) $3

Moshketeers-Downward Spiral (1989 thrash like Testament) Songs include Downward Spiral, Locked in Chains, Ye, The Myth, Self Extinction, Epicurus, Posers of Deceit, Grease the Duck, Nightmares & Life of Emptiness. $4

Moshketeers-S/T 1989-1990 VERY RARE DEMO RELEASE!
Songs include-Posers of Deceit, Life od Emptiness, Ye & Nightmares. $3

Moshketeers-Pre Release Demo- Songs include Return, Take My Life, Death or Life & Thelo Agnoia $3

Neon Cross-Torn (90's comeback/metal) $3

One Bad Pig-Smash $3.00

One Bad Pig-Swine Flew (used) $3

The Passion-s/t (hard rock like Whiteheart) $2

The Passion-Trinity (hard rock like Whiteheart) $2

Precious Death-Southpaw (advance copy/no j-card) $1

Ransom-Soul Asylum (melodic metal) $3

Red Sea - S/T $5

Sacred Warrior-Classics (new/classic metal) $3

Seventh Angel - The Torment (No J-Card)- $1

Seventh Angel -Lament for the Weary $3

Jeff Sheetz-Dig $3

Six Feet Deep-Struggle (hardcore/groove/used) $3

Shout-In Your Face (metal/classic metal/glam) $5

Shout-At the Top of your Lungs (metal/classic metal/glam) $3

Strongarm-The Advent of a Miracle (hardcore) $3

Stryper-Against the Law (classic metal) $3

Michael Sweet- Single "Jesus" with bio. $3

Michael Sweet-"Real" Sampler Promo Cass Single (inside Cardboard case)$2

Titanic-Maiden Voyage (heavy metal/used) $3

Tourniquet-Vanishing Lessons (power thrash/used) $3

Tourniquet-Live Intense Series Vol 2 (technical power thrash/with Trouble cover) $3

Tourniquet-Collected Works (new/best of with two new cuts) $3

Tourniquet-Stop the Bleeding $3

Trytan-Sylentiger (R.E.X./classic metal/used) $3

Ultimatum-Fatal Delay (original demo/rare/new) $3

Various-Art for the Ears Intense Live Cass -Featuring-Angelica, Deliverance, Mortifiaction, Sacred Warrior, Sanctuary Praise, Shout, Ken Tamplin, Tourniquet, Vengeance Rising, Ransom. $2

Various-California Metal II (used/Recon, Mastedon, Soldier) $3

Various-Hot Summer Metal 1 (used/Stryper/Barren Cross/Bloodgood/Shout) $3

Various- Hot Metal 5 Featuring (Deliverance, Savior Machine, Rose, Mortification, Mortal, Tournquet, Die Happy). $3

Various-Righteous Metal 1 (used /Barren Cross/Bloodgood/Stryken, more) $3

Various- Xcentric Zine Compilation -Featuring, Ultimatum, Kekal, Caustic Funeral, Golgotha, Moumphgy, Extol, Antestor, Eternal Decision, Khristos, Punkture, Equinox. $2

Veni Domine- Fall Babylon Fall- $3

Vengeance Rising-Destruction Comes (used/thrash metal) $3

Vengeance Rising-Released Upon the Earth (early death metal) $3

Wickeds End- Temporal Pain- Very Good Thrash . $3

David Zaffiro-Surrender Absolute (shredder guitar album) $3

Zion- Thunder from the Mountain $3


Balance of Power
t-shirts "Perfect Balance" front design (LG and XLG) $18.00 each.

Disciple "Live At Home & on the Road" DVD (LG and XLG) $15.00 each.

Mortification-Hammer of God Short sleeve $20.00 (LG)

Mortification-Break the Curse Short sleeve $20.00 (LG and XLG)

Tourniquet-Guitar Instructional Video VHS $25

Tourniquet-Pushin' Broom VHS (music, interviews, concert footage, video) $25

Ultimatum-vinyl bumper stickers $2 for 2 different stickers stickers-FREE with ORDER.

Ultimatum-t-shirts (see our merchandise section)

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