Into the Pit

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...til the End!

...'til the End! (EP)

The Mechanics of Perilous Times

The Mechanics of Perilous Times...

Puppet of Destruction

 Puppet of Destruction

Symphonic Extremities

Symphonic Extremities

Demos & Compilations

Fatal Delay

Fatal Delay/1993
(4 song demo)

Wickedness & Perdition
Fatal Delay
All I Need
Plea for Holiness

Symphonic Extremities by Ultimatum/1995
(5 song demo
Symphonic Extremities
Killing Fields
Black Light
The Grip

Lightning Strikes Twice Again
Lightning Strikes Twice Again Vol. 2
"Heart of Metal"
(from the "'Til the End!" EP)

Headbanging 101
(Retroactive Records)
8. Deathwish By Ultimatum (from "Til the End!")
11. Violence and Bloodshed (from "Mechanics")
14. Symphonic Extremities By Ultimatum (from "Symphonic")

Extreme Marti Gras
Extreme Mardi Gras
Extreme Compilation
"The Purging"
(from "Mechanics of Perilous Times")

Thorns of Redemption
The Compilation Volume 1

"Heart of Metal" (2004 rough demo)
Released in August 2004

Jump in the Pit

Jump in the Pit-A Tribute to Testament
(Dwell Records)
"Sins of Omission"


Metal Merchant Vol 12
The Metal Merchant Vol. 12
(Metal Merchant)
"Temple of the Spirit"
(from "Mechanics of Perilous Times")

2000-A Second Coming (Dwell Records)
"Never" (remix version)

Released January 2000


Massive Rowe Link

Massive Frequency Overload-the US Hard Compilation (Rowe Productions)
"World of Sin" (demo)





HM Magazine May/June 98 CD Sampler
Gutterbox (pre-release mix)

NMRC Compilation Vol. 1
"Darkest Void"
(from "Symphonic Extremities")


Up From the Ashes II (DVD)
Contains four live Ultimatum tracks (2 are hidden Easter Eggs) Also contains tracks from Once Dead with Scott Waters on vocals, and two tracks from Saint, with Robert Gutierrez on gutiar.


Holy Soldier - Live, Rare & Raw (DVD)
Contains a live version of "Greed Regime, Inc." recorded at the Up From the Ashes Festival in Anaheim, CA, 2005.

Once Dead - Return with a Vengeance (DVD)
Vengeance Rising reunion DVD features Scott Waters on vocals and also a bonus track of Ultimatum performing "Blink".