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A lot is happening in the Ultimatum camp right now. First, the new CD "Lex Metalis" is out and available on Amazon, CDBaby, TheEndRecords, iTunes, DivineMetalDistro, Soundmass, etc. Most of your better on-line metal sellers now stock the CD. Review have already begun to come in. We will post them soon. We hope you all will support us by purchasing a copy of this new CD. It's a heavy metal CD created by heavy metal fans for heavy metal fans.

Lex Metalis

We are working with Roxx Productions on a special re-release of "Puppet of Destruction". The first 100 pre-orders only will recieve a special 2-CD version with the entire Fatal Delay demo on disc 2. "Puppet of Destruction" will be completely remastered and will include three exclusive bonus tracks, including a newly recorded version of "Mortal Stomp." Pre-order now and be one of the first 100 at

Puppet Remaster

Open Grave Records will be releasing a special limited, numbered edition of "Into the Pit" on splatter vinyl. Yes, VINYL! For the first time ever, Ultimatum will be available for all you vinyl collectors.

Scott will be singing guest vocals on one song on the up-coming solo release from former Deliverance shredder Mike Phillips. The CD will be released as a collaboration from Open Grave Records and Roxx Productions.

Be sure and visit the band's discussion board for up to the minute news with Ultimatum and to talk with the members of Ultimatum.


"Lex Metalis" will be out on JULY 21st on RETROACTIVE RECORDS

Lex Metalis


1. Ton Of Bricks (Metal Church) 03:15
2. Locked In Chains (The Moshketeers) 03:12
3. Sin After Sin (Twisted Sister) 02:58
4. Creeping Death (Metallica) 06:14
5. Denim And Leather (Saxon) 04:41
6. Gut Wrench (Mortification) 03:41
7. Motopsycho (Megadeth) 02:28
8. Metal Health (Quiet Riot) 05:06
9. Steeler (Judas Priest) 04:09
10. Iron Fist (Motorhead) 03:05
11. Can't Get Out (Vengeance Rising) 04:19
12. Wrathchild (Iron Maiden) 02:52
13. Powersurge (Overkill) 04:53

Available on,, RadRockers, iTunes,,,,, Century Media Mail Order,,, and most on-line music stores.

For more about the recording of "Lex Metalis" see Scott's blog on MySpace or on


Scott will be singing on a track on an upcoming Deliverance tribute CD. The music for this track will be recorded by former Deliverance guitarist Mike Phillips and The Crucified/Once Dead drummer Jim Chaffin.


We apologize for the long delay in posting news here. For those that want to keep up with what's going on in the Ultimatum camp up to the minute, please check out our discussion board. Heart of Metal discussion board.

Ultimatum are now recording our next album, titled Lex Metalis. We are set to record an album of all covers including METALLICA’s “Creeping Death”, MOTORHEAD’s “Iron Fist”, VENGEANCE RISING’s “Can’t Get Out”, MOSHKETEER’s “Locked in Chains”, JUDAS PRIEST’s “Steeler”, MORTIFICATION's "Gut Wrench" along with 6 other songs. The album will be recording Site 16 Studios where we also recorded "Into the Pit". LEX METALIS is scheduled for release in 2009 via RETROACTIVE RECORDS.

We are in negotiations with a record company to release "Into the Pit" on limited edition green vinyl. We'll post more on that soon. Pre-orders for the vinyl version will begin soon. Those who pre-order are likely to get a few bonus extras.

Ultimatum have agreed to take part in several "tribute" CDs in the near future as well. We will possibly be on tributes to Vengeance Rising, Mortification and Kreator.

Ultimatum are talking with Retroactive Records about recording a CD of all covers. More information to come.

Ultimatum were in the studio this past month recording a new version of "Mortal Stomp" to be used on the up and coming CMR III compilation. A demo version of "Heart of Metal" was used on the CMR I compilation a few years ago. The new version of the song is to be titled "Mortal Stomp '08". We will keep you informed of the release date of this CD.

Into the Pit will be going into it's second pressing soon. There is talk about releasing a special edition "digi" version of the CD with bonus tracks.

Rob Whitlock in the studio, April 2008. Alan Tuma sitting on the couch in the lower right hand corner.

We added more reviews of Into the Pit CD to the site.


Added a bunch of new reviews of Into the Pit CD to the site.

Ultimatum are the cover story on the new Heaven's Metal Fanzine.

Added some new reviews of Into the Pit to the site.

Greetings Ultimanaics!
First, allow me to apologize for not updating this news section for such a long time. For those interested in the news as it comes, please join us on the Heart of Metal Discussion board, where members of the band post daily.

"Into the Pit" has been out for a few months now and seems to be selling very well. There are many fan reviews on, and iTunes. As well, the reviews are starting to come in from various magazine and web zines. We have finally posted some of the reviews in our discography section. Thanks for all the support.

We are currently working on our DVD release that we hope to have out in 2008. As a release date approaches we will let you all know.

There will be a feature story on Ultimatum in an up and coming issue of Heaven's Metal due out soon. There will also be an article on Scott Waters regarding the old "Puppet of Destruction" debate with Heaven's Metal.

Some old news is that drummer Sean Griego gave up his drum throne in Ultimatum to Alan Tuma, formerly of The Moshketeers and Combat Faith. Alan record four of the eleven songs on "Into the Pit".

We still have plenty of "Into the Pit" and "One For All" t-shirts available. Email for details.

Keep thrashing!



Available on,, RadRockers.
Soon to be on Itunes,, and
or buy directly from Ultimatum by sending $15 (inc. shipping in the US) or $20 (inc. shipping outside the US)

Check our money order to:
PO Box 12299
Albuquerque, NM 87195-2299 USA



Into the Pit
"Into the Pit" is scheduled to be released on Retroactive Records on October 30, 2007. The CD will be available at,,,,, and most other quality on-line sellers.

Ultimatum have three songs on the new Retroactive Records sampler titled "Headbanging 101".

Our six song EP, "...til the End!" is now sold out.


"Symphonic Extremities" and "Mechanics of Perilous Times" to be remastered and re-released on Retroactive Records this June. The re-issue will also contain bonus tracks as well as all the original art and liner notes.

The new album "Into the Pit" is tenatively scheduled to be released in late May 2007 on Retroactive Records.

Ultimatum is scheduled to perform at Cornerstone Festival in Bushnell, IL, Jun 29 2007 9:00P under the Sanctuary tent.

Check out the Ultimatum MySpace site at:

Check out the new Ultimatum Heart of Metal discussion board:


Limited Edition EP – Release Date July 18, 2006

300 are being pressed, ONLY 225 are being pre-sold exclusively though ROXX PRODUCTIONS. First come, first serve. All CDs individually signed and hand numbered by the band! The CD will be $10 plus $2 Shipping! BUT as an added bonus, all orders placed before the official release date will be shipped free!!!

Tracklisting: Deathwish, One For All, Heart of Metal, Blind Faith, Sins of Omission, Blink (live). ORDER HERE:

OK, here it is, Ultimatum are printing up numbered, limited edition of posters. The first 100 pre-orders we receive will have one of these hand numbered and signed editions of this promotional poster. Posters are 11x17. Pre-orders can be sent to: Ultimatum, PO Box, 12299, Albuquerque, NM 87195 or by Paypal to:

Please welcome the newest member of ULTIMATUM. Augustine Ortiz (guitars)

Augustine is an accomplished guitarist and has a lot to add to Ultimatum. Look forward to hearing him on Ultimatum's new CD coming out in the next couple months.

Rumors have been flying that guitarist Steve Trujillo is no longer with Ultimatum. Well, we regret to tell you all that the rumors are true. Steve has stepped down from the band for personal reasons. Steve is a great friend to everyone in the band and an outstanding guitarist. He will be truly missed. We wish Steve all the best in whatever he choses to do in the future.

We are currently auditioning guitarists to fill Steve's shoes.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year.

Check out the new Ultmatum CD cover. We hope to have the new CD out by the end of January. We will have pre-order information on the site soon. (Special thanks to Rexorcist for the awesome job on the cover.) We are also thinking about printing posters for this design. We will keep you informed on the progress of this as well.
Into the Pit


A big metal greeting to you all! Ultimatum have been busy over the summer performing a ton of shows, recording our new CD and even working on a DVD release. New photos have been posted from various shows.

Ultimatum at Up From the Ashes, 8/05

We are currently sending out demo CDs to several record companies to see if we can generate any interest. Since it might be a while before we do get out a new CD, we have decided to release an EP on our own. As of now, the EP will probably be six songs, five new cuts and one re-recorded song from our early material. We have also talked about including a cover song or a couple live tracks. As we have more information we will pass it on. I can tell you that the cover art, done by Rexorcist, looks fantastic! We will post the artwork for you all to see soon. The CD is tenatively titled "Into the Pit".

As for the DVD, it will include live material, shot at a few shows we did over the past couple years in California, a couple of concept videos, and a bunch of "bootleg" live footage from years past. There will be tons of extras, including interviews and some band goofiness as well. We dont' have a release date yet, but we will let you know when pre-orders can be made.

Finally, we apologize to those of you who bought tickets to see Ultimatum perform at Beyond the Mountain. The show in California was cancelled. We were glad to meet some of you at Up From the Ashes on that same weekend. For those of you hoping to see us in Chicago, we apologize but Ultimatum will not be performing. However, as some of you know, Scott is singing with Once Dead and will be there performing with them. Wear your Ultimatum shirts to this show and make sure you say hello to Scott.


Be sure and pick up a copy of the latest Heaven's Metal magazine that features an interview with Ultimatum.

On Saturday night August 27th 2005 Ultimatum will be performing along with such as Neon Cross, Once Dead (featuring the former members of Vengeance Rising), Rivera Bomma, Laudamus, Tykkus and Tower of Hundred at the Up from the Ashes show. This show is in place of the cancelled "Beyond the Mountain" show. This show is to benefit and to support our brothers in Mexico at ‘Rockers Helping Rockers across the Nations’. As well, Blake Nelson from Oil will be joining Ultimatum on stage for a special performance.

We are still busy working on our up and coming DVD release. The Up From the Ashes show will be recorded for part of this special DVD release.



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